Why Rock Climbing?


It's Fun!

Climbing is a human instinct that is being quick-forgotten in the modern world. Relive the fun times of your childhood when you were climbing up everything in sight!



Strength, stamina, agility, flexibility, coordination, finesse and mental alertness. If there’s a sport that does it all, it’s rock climbing.

Who are we?
We are people who believe that fun, inclusive physical activity, and a strong sense of community is the societal medicine every community needs to thrive. It awakens us from the tech induced comas to the brilliant, diverse, and colorful society we live in. We’ve found all this in the sport of climbing, and we want to share this with the Penang community we love.Read More
The Wall for All. Suitable for age 1 - 99.
Project Rock Team

We are a group of people who want to introduce the joy of rock climbing to the general public. Join us for this adventurous journey!

Kae Vin Goh
Benjamin Ho
Brandon Teoh
Route-setter and Coach