In conjunction with Malaysia 63rd’s Birthday, Project Rock will be organizing a 63rd Merdeka Boulder Challenge that will run from 29th August – 16th September 2020. The registration fee for the challenge is RM25. Climbers can register at this page anytime before or during the duration of the challenge. We have prizes for every climber and there will be a lucky draw by the end of the challenge!

Challenge Period: 29th August – 16th September 2020 Registration Fee: RM25


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  • Climb the designated 63rd Merdeka boulder route with 63 handholds (free footholds)
  • Unlimited tries from 29 Aug – 16 September
  • Prizes are awarded according to the tiers and can only be claimed ONCE
  • Every climb has to start from boulder number 1
  • The climb must be video-recorded and show to the crew on duty to claim the prizes
  • Only climbers Tier 3 and above are entitled to lucky draw prizes

Tier Prizes

  • Tier 1 (matched at 10th handholds)
    • 1 x IKEA Soya Ice Cream (worth RM0.90)
  • Tier 2 (matched at 20th handholds)
    • 1 x Project Rock Badge (worth RM3.50)
  • Tier 3 (matched at 30th handholds)
    • 1 x Project Rock Wrist Band (worth RM5)
  • Tier 4 (matched at 40th handholds)
    • 1 x Project Rock Iron-on Patch (worth RM10)
  • Tier 5 (matched at 50th handholds)
    • 1 x Project Rock Free Entry (worth RM49)
  • Tier 6 (matched at 63rd handholds)
    • 1 x Project Rock T-shirt (worth RM65)

Lucky Draw Prizes

  • Small Prizes
    • 5 x Black Belt Tape (worth RM23)
  • Medium Prizes
    • 5 x Crux Particle Core Chalk (worth RM36)
  • Big Prize
    • 1 x Singing Rock Onyx Climbing Harness (worth RM330)
  • Grand Prize
    • 1 x Conqueror Fingerboard (worth RM399)

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