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Project Rock Juniors

It is the time of the year-end school holiday again! At Project Rock, we would like to offer you and your children a sport that will keep you fit and healthy while having a good time!

Come to Project Rock and experience the joy of climbing, together with your children! Climbing will help you to bond with your children as well as boosting the confidence of your children. In addition to that, climbers are known to be strong and healthy too!

With our day passes, you’ll be able to come in and out the same day grabbing a bite in between. Just bring a pair of socks with you for the rental shoes. Our ever-friendly staff will make sure that you get adequate briefing and instructions for you to have a good. With the day pass, you can stay the whole day until we close! There is no minimum age. As your kids are comfortable to climb then they are good to go!

Check out our opening hours and our full price list for more information! 

Send us an email if you have questions at [email protected]

See you soon!


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