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A new version of the Oasi specifically adapted to the anatomy of the female foot. When we started out on “project OASI” we wanted to create a curved shoe that works as well on friction slabs and vertical walls as it does on overhanging routes and boulder problems, and to achieve this we had to re-think our whole design process and invent new technologies. The final result is a shoe of stunning precision providing levels of comfort previously unheard of in such high-end models.


The Oasi”s design and system of construction lets the heel sit lower while climbing and is superbly responsive to every situation, relaying detailed information back to the user in any situation.


The OASI”s aggressively curved form responds to every subtle movement of the foot. To further enhance this we have created RBRX — a new technology which works seamlessly with our SXR Dynamics system, giving you greater contact with the rock over a range of movements.


A 3.5mm rubber sole and five-micro-layer insole conveys every nuance of the rock and allows maximum transmission of power to the footholds.


Tenaya’s patented closure system is unique. It’s so precise, so quick and easy to use and provides independent tension control over different parts of the shoe. Once the user has configured the system to their specific requirements they will never need to waste time on adjustment again.


The first time you try the OASI you’ll realize that it’s something completely different. Despite its curved form the OASI is superbly comfortable — more so than many flat rock shoes — allowing you to climb all day without even thinking about pain.


More advantages
  • Design and system of construction aimed at providing the user with optimum feedback through every movement and offering amazing precision on all types of difficult-to-use footholds.
  • Bellows tongue featuring the latest generation fabrics for maximum breathability.
  • High performance combined with great comfort.
  • Patented Draxtor Velcro closure system allows optimal adjustment over different parts of the shoe.
  • The angle of the toe-box and aggressively curved shape allow the heel to sit lower providing a greater feel and control.
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Climbing Shoe Category: Aggresive.

Features: Superbly versatile, amazing precision on various foothold, angle of toe box and aggressive curve allow a better control and feel on the heel

Materials: Microfibre (Upper); 2D multi-layer Stretchtex (Insole); Double midsole GI 1.8 & TST 150 (Midsole); Vibram XS Grip 3.5 mm (Sole).

Rubber: Super-sticky rubber

Downturn: Aggresive

Closure System: Draxtor closure system

Performance Level: Beginner – Advanced

Weight: 340g

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