Project Rock Academy

School of Rock

For Rockies Below 18

Send your kids to our weekly Rock School!! In School of Rock, your children will be pushed and coached to reach their potential in this exciting sport and have fun doing it with the rest of their class. Your child will go through technical coaching as well as physical conditioning to keep their bodies fit and their minds sharp.

Introduction to Rock Climbing

Introduction to Rock Climbing

This is a free class on every Monday with a valid entry at 6pm t0 7pm.

Learn to Lead

Learn to Lead

Interested to use our lead wall or thinking about trying your hand at some outdoor climbing? Take our lead climbing course and learn how to do just that!

Climbing Techniques Classes

Climbing Technique Classes

Wanting to really get into the sport? Take your hobby a step further by taking one of our classes and learn everything you need to know!

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

Request for personal coaching here!

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